Bananas for Gray Malin

I am a interior design girl at heart, but you would never know it because I always seem to be talking about photography.  In  my defense however, a piece of art can make a break the design of any room.   Anyway, I say if it doesn’t have that special feeling about it then, forget about it; and for that reason and that reason alone, I seem to be on a mission to rid my home of typical vintage art prints and to infuse it with something that speaks to me.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my cat … i mean, he’s been with me for a very long time … but I need something that speaks to who I am now – a suburban southern girl living in a big, southern city who loves the beach with every bit of her heart and craves the simplicity of the country from time to time.  Insert Gray Malin.  Holy geez, perfection.  Can you say I about flipped when I saw his Prada Marfa Photographs on One Kings Lane this morning?  Yes, yes you can.  Oh my goodness … words escape me.

Prada Marfa Legs in Color

Now do you see why?  City Chic IN the country!!!!  It’s like a present … just for me … and you … and everyone else who craves such a juxtaposition!

Prada Marfa Red Bow

It’s so great …

Prada Marfa with Mule

… even the horse wants some action.

Unfortunately, this little shop closed it’s doors only to remain as an objet d’art … one to be captured by the amazing Gray Malin.  To be honest, I can’t really complain about that!

You want to know what else I’m going bananas over?

Yep, that’s right. Bananas on a clothesline.  What could be better than that? Nope, nothing.

But you can decide for yourself.  Want to see more of these Apeeling Moments (gotta love the gallery name right)???? Well then, hop on over to and check it out!

Have a great day, y’all!


Inspired by Elizabeth Taylor

after elizabeth taylor passed away, i was struck by her beauty and her flare for all things f-a-ancy.  so i thought i would shout out to the gods and to the icon herself by designing a mood board that highlighted that fanciful-ness and gave props to her role as cleopatra.  this exercise in design stretched my brain to its limits, but here it is …   just so you know, i created this right after she passed away but i forgot to share it … probably because i couldn’t find curtains that made me happy. oh well. so this room has high-gloss black walls with gold, deep purple, and orange accent furniture. the accessories are crystal and gold and all around blingin’. the fabrics are rich and luxurious … they are all interesting and unique. the art on the wall is a reflection of her beauty.

and the curtains … well the curtains are the bane of my existence, but they would probably be custom-made to mimic something like this shawl.

velvet burnout. peacock. yum.

 i would probably, however,  make the white background black or deep gray or deep dark plum or gold and let the only white be the peacock feathers.

yep, that would make me happy.

oh, and don’t go expecting to know where all this stuff came from. i don’t remember.

like i said i created this in march. my brain doesn’t think that far back.

y’all have a good day.



olive dreams

last summer i ventured out of the country for the very first time. big ups for me, right? it was a family trip to celebrate a birthday with my inherited pseudo-italian family. why pseudo, you ask? you see, mr. p is half norwegian, an entire eighth italian, and seven-eighth’s something else.  he’s worldwide. but this is not about him. it’s about italy – a place that makes my heart sing.

italy is one of those places where i knew if i went i would never want to come back. i was right. the trip was life-changing and a year later i feel as if it were yesterday … and yet, so long ago. the sights, the sounds, the feelings that were impressed upon me make me yearn for another day where i can enjoy the history, the amazing architecture, the sweet taste of olives (which by the way are something i find disgustingly-disgusting stateside), and long leisurely explorations through unchartered territories … like the coast.

i read an article several years ago about the amalfi coast i just knew knew knew that i had to get there someday. i mean, i’m a beach girl at heart, but how in the world could anyone not love someplace that looks like this.

beautiful, historical buildings clinging to hillsides as if to bask in the sun as it dances off the crystal blue waters. oh my. my heart seriously pitter-patters for this place and i need to be there right now. no, scratch that, i needed to be there five minutes ago. but i’m not, <insert ridiculously sad-sack frowny face here>, so what better to keep my mind off things than to enjoy the incredible art of italian photographer, massimo vitali (whose works are on sale at One Kings Lane today if you’re interested)! i don’t know where i would put it and even if i did, i couldn’t afford it, but his work is amazing. check him out in action …

although his large format photos simply depict masses of people at leisure, there is an undeniably alluring aesthetic to them … an aesthetic that could add such a wonderful pop of breathtaking whimsy-ness to any home.

yes, yes, and yes! ahhhhh massimo vitali, ahhhh beachy wonderment, ahhhh italy … you bring so much inspiration to design and to life and i can’t help but to heart you big time.


Fly me away to Switzerland

Does it matter that I can’t read a single thing on Elle Interior Site? Nope. Know why? Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Boho Garden

Oh, Boho Garden, you make my heart sing. Not that I would ever get this garden-y at home. But oh my do you make me want to try.

You know, I do have a perfect indoor/outdoor space for you to fill … I’m just sayin’.

Etno (I assume this means “Etnic”) Chic

Those chairs. That bowl.  Oh my, I love you Mr. Bowl.  Can I have you?

Spring Feelings

Hello sweet lady, Spring! I have to admit, you’re not my favorite but it’s starting to warm up here in Atlanta so I thought I would at least let you join the cool photo club. Besides you do make me smile a little. I love your lady pillow … she’s sweet like you. And I love that you have flowers on your bed, fresh flowers here and there, and vintage flower prints on your wall. So see, you are pretty cool after all.

Urban Living

Why do I like you, you say? I like you because you suit me. You suit my style. You are who you are and you don’t care what anyone thinks. You change your mind often. That’s your prerogative. You are moody and you are bright. You are blunt and you state the obvious. People don’t always get you and that is just fine. Plus, I like your dress (or your shower curtain, if you prefer). Now, if I may ask you a question … how do you feel about me plopping you in the middle of my Boho Garden? Water, sunshine, fresh herbs to awaken your senses all along with a good book to read? What’s that you say? Sounds great to you too? Wonderful!



P.S. – Thank you Google Chrome for offering to translate Elle Interior from Swedish to English for me. That was really sweet. But nope, no thank you. I prefer to pretend like I know what I’m reading! Danke Schein (and hush your mouth – we’re going to pretend I know how to spell that, okay?).


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