lover’s pick

that’s what i thought the description said. i was wrong. it said “buyer’s picks.” slight difference, but i like my slight of eye idea better.

now do you see why? omg! i love, love, love this bike from cb2. one for girl. one for boy. two for love.

yellow wheels, red seat, red handle bars. and an orange-y bell. oh my, ding, ding, ding! yes please.

and you would be perfect on a beach, wouldn’t you? i couldn’t agree more.

i also couldn’t agree more on the “buyer’s pick”

 a basket! how old-school classic is that.  nevermind the fact that i already have a bike collecting dust, if i had this bike and this basket, my heart would pound with excitement!

(or maybe out-of-shape-ness, i’ll never tell)




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