olive dreams

last summer i ventured out of the country for the very first time. big ups for me, right? it was a family trip to celebrate a birthday with my inherited pseudo-italian family. why pseudo, you ask? you see, mr. p is half norwegian, an entire eighth italian, and seven-eighth’s something else.  he’s worldwide. but this is not about him. it’s about italy – a place that makes my heart sing.

italy is one of those places where i knew if i went i would never want to come back. i was right. the trip was life-changing and a year later i feel as if it were yesterday … and yet, so long ago. the sights, the sounds, the feelings that were impressed upon me make me yearn for another day where i can enjoy the history, the amazing architecture, the sweet taste of olives (which by the way are something i find disgustingly-disgusting stateside), and long leisurely explorations through unchartered territories … like the coast.

i read an article several years ago about the amalfi coast i just knew knew knew that i had to get there someday. i mean, i’m a beach girl at heart, but how in the world could anyone not love someplace that looks like this.

beautiful, historical buildings clinging to hillsides as if to bask in the sun as it dances off the crystal blue waters. oh my. my heart seriously pitter-patters for this place and i need to be there right now. no, scratch that, i needed to be there five minutes ago. but i’m not, <insert ridiculously sad-sack frowny face here>, so what better to keep my mind off things than to enjoy the incredible art of italian photographer, massimo vitali (whose works are on sale at One Kings Lane today if you’re interested)! i don’t know where i would put it and even if i did, i couldn’t afford it, but his work is amazing. check him out in action …

although his large format photos simply depict masses of people at leisure, there is an undeniably alluring aesthetic to them … an aesthetic that could add such a wonderful pop of breathtaking whimsy-ness to any home.

yes, yes, and yes! ahhhhh massimo vitali, ahhhh beachy wonderment, ahhhh italy … you bring so much inspiration to design and to life and i can’t help but to heart you big time.



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