Fly me away to Switzerland

Does it matter that I can’t read a single thing on Elle Interior Site? Nope. Know why? Pictures are worth a thousand words.

Boho Garden

Oh, Boho Garden, you make my heart sing. Not that I would ever get this garden-y at home. But oh my do you make me want to try.

You know, I do have a perfect indoor/outdoor space for you to fill … I’m just sayin’.

Etno (I assume this means “Etnic”) Chic

Those chairs. That bowl.  Oh my, I love you Mr. Bowl.  Can I have you?

Spring Feelings

Hello sweet lady, Spring! I have to admit, you’re not my favorite but it’s starting to warm up here in Atlanta so I thought I would at least let you join the cool photo club. Besides you do make me smile a little. I love your lady pillow … she’s sweet like you. And I love that you have flowers on your bed, fresh flowers here and there, and vintage flower prints on your wall. So see, you are pretty cool after all.

Urban Living

Why do I like you, you say? I like you because you suit me. You suit my style. You are who you are and you don’t care what anyone thinks. You change your mind often. That’s your prerogative. You are moody and you are bright. You are blunt and you state the obvious. People don’t always get you and that is just fine. Plus, I like your dress (or your shower curtain, if you prefer). Now, if I may ask you a question … how do you feel about me plopping you in the middle of my Boho Garden? Water, sunshine, fresh herbs to awaken your senses all along with a good book to read? What’s that you say? Sounds great to you too? Wonderful!



P.S. – Thank you Google Chrome for offering to translate Elle Interior from Swedish to English for me. That was really sweet. But nope, no thank you. I prefer to pretend like I know what I’m reading! Danke Schein (and hush your mouth – we’re going to pretend I know how to spell that, okay?).



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